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Great Tour! over $12,000 in SALES!

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It's been 12 orbits around the Sun for the Shandaken Art Studio Tour. Visit a baker's dozen Art Studios, galleries, parties, and an outdoor sculpture park. Now on the 4th weekend in July, 7/27-28 from 10am-5pm. Get your guide, the "Shandaken Whole Arts Catalog", at better shops around town or view the pages online at Opening party on Friday night 7/26 at Phoenicia Arts & Antiques, led by Margaret Owen in the Arts Upstairs tradition. It's a beautiful newly renovated gallery space at the old Phoenicia Pharmacy.

At Mt. Tremper Train Station, the sculptures are growing along the rails on 28 between Emerson and Phoenicia Diner. Drive by at 55 and Suprina Kenney's DNA seems to rotate. No speeding! Pull over and go face to face with Big Art. A glance at 65 ain't the real deal. Stand up to Big Art by Naomi Teppich, Joe Chirchirillo, James Meyer, Susan Buroker, Carl Grieco, Herrat Sommerhoff and Dave Channon. Thanks to Rail Explorers! Check out the REX futuristic pedal power rail bikes and see more sculptures at the Phoenicia Train Station. Across the road is Babytoes: hand-painted wearable art by Lynn & Alan Fliegel.

New artist, visionary Tracy Phillips is up legendary Woodland Valley Road. Astrid Nordness (bio-logical life forms) and Cari Rosmarin (soulful tableaux) are a 2 miles up 28A behind Boiceville. Beam up to Pine Hill and get engulfed in Jim Nevin's attic studio multi-media universe above the Community Center. It's a lot of territory to cover. This year the tour chose fewer studios so you have a better chance to see more of them. Many more regional artist will be in group shows at Phoenicia Arts & Antiques and Pine Hill Community Center. Varga Gallery goes in a new direction, showing only her own work. Fantastic, intricate wood carver Doug Houska shows at Melange on Main Street P-town. Around the corner on the Boardwalk, sunday of Skinflower will host a studio band bash in grand Coney style on Sunday 7/28 all afternoon.

One mile up Broadstreet Hollow, see Durga Yael Bernhard's multi-cultural, natural and spiritual illustrations. 1/2 mile more, Dave Channon and Karen Charman invite you to wander through Dave's scrapture garden and snuggle up to Karen's Quilts and Qwalts. For a treat, visit lovely Mount Tremper Arts on Plank Road. Ask about their benefit performance feast Saturday evening 7/27. There's a magic show at Phoenicia Playhouse. Festival of the Voice is the next weekend! Beam yourselves up to Shandaken for the Art Studio Tour.

Dave Channon website: email: (845) 688-2977

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This year, visit our Art Parks

Highmount at the Galli Curci Mansion

Phoenicia at Rail Explorers Train Station

Mt Tremper at Rail Explorers Train Station

Mt Tremper Catskill Visitor Center

"Detroitus" at Woodstock Art Exchange

Rail Explorers Mt. Tremper Train Station

"Coco" at Leonia Art Walk