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This page includes all present and past artists on the tour.

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Anique Taylor combines fragments of her own work - prints, drawings, watercolors, acrylics and oil paintings. to build delicate layers of collaged surfaces, drawing back into her work with more layers of archival pencils to create soft gradations of color. Continually intrigued with abundance, detail, color and texture, she strives for realism in faces in contrast with the juxtapositions of patterns and colored tones carefully balanced to vibrate deeply with each other. Whether working her inventive processes in two & three dimensions, her work explores a deep connection with nature, everyday life, mountains, personal questions and the ongoing search for primeval bliss.
The Traveler&Chrysalis Series is about Inadvertent Reluctant Pilgrims, how women grappling with their own personal issues transform the lives of others.
Art has been her anchor through many storms, her joy&inspiration with the gift of new ideas, the core of her life.
She studied at Pratt (MFA & BFA Highest Honors), Cooper Union, The Sorbonne (Diplome), Antioch College, Silvermine College of Art (AFA), and is currently a Drew University MFA in Poetry Candidate. Selected solo&featured shows include - The Bruce Museum, Greenwich CT, The Monmouth Museum, NJ, The Potter Gallery, Ramapo College, NJ, Mari Gallery, Mamaroneck, NY, Puffin Foundation, Teaneck NJ, Chamot Gallery, Jersey City, NJ and Gallery Siano, Philadelphia PA - plus numerous galleries in&around the Metropolitan Area. So far 2011 shows include Unison Arts, New Paltz, NJ, The Bronfman Center Gallery NYC, She is an Auxiliary Founding Member of The Arts Upstairs, Phoenicia.



Richard J. Treitner - At my art studio tour spot I will be offering light refreshments & a renowned healer, Lady Moonstar, will be there offering reiki & therapeutic touch. Equally renowned psychic, nagual, & shamanic healer Nighteagle will be offering psychic adjustments/ healings, psychic readings, & Native American style tarot/divination . There will also be a magickal & sacred crafts sale & a yard sale.
Of course the main event will be the featured artwork of -Richard J. Treitner whose art work is an eclectic mix of exotic, shamanically spiritual, personal, occasionally semi-erotic, neo-pagan, psychedelic folk art, influenced by outsider art, primitivistic styles, shamanic, paleolithic, pop art, expressionism, & a very well defined style all his own. He has had many, many shows all over the east coast including having been included in group shows at places such as at the Boston Museum of Contemporary Art & an online one with the Museum of Modern Art in N.Y. city. He has won awards including the coveted MacDowell Colony artist's Fellowship. Locally Richard has had solo exhibitions at the Phoenicia Arts Upstairs gallery, the Infinite Eye Gallery in Woodstock, the Living Seed Gallery in New Palz, the Henry St. Settlement in N.Y.C., & the Hillwood Art Museum in Long Island University. His work is in the permanent fine art collection in the New Jersey City University in Jersey City, N.J.. Artistic Blessings!
-Richard J. Treitner




   Sculptor Kevin VanHentenryck got his start carving stone in the mid 70’s. Using blocks of stone from buildings torn down near his lower Manhattan studio-loft in the then unknown neighborhood of Tribecca. He found inspiration in everything from the Primitive wing at the Met, to the buildings of old New York. “ Half of my interest in stone carving is a love of natural stone-it is immensely old compared to humans. Even a relatively young stone like bluestone is 360 million years old, and an object made from stone has the potential to last thousands of years. When polished it offers the beauty of a material forged under the immense heat, and pressure in the center of the earth.” VanHentenryck is known regionally for his life-size sculpture of Rip VanWinkle at the summit of Hunter Mountain, as well as the Hunter Stone Carving Seminar, a free two-week stone carving class VanHentenryck presents every summer in Hunter N.Y. “The class is the last week in July, thru the first week in Aug. We are there daily from 8 am. Till 6 pm. Stone, tools, compressed air, and instruction are supplied. Students can join the class for an hour, or an afternoon, or as much time as they can spare.” The public is welcome; “Stop by and say hi, and see how were doin’.” VanHentenryck has been promoting sculpture in the local Catskill bluestone, as well as carving Custom Sculpture, and sculptural carved signs in his Westkill studio for almost thirty years.
      As far as the direction of his personal work; “Art is the distillation of feelings into solid form so others can share, and these objects may be around for a very long time-in fact most of their life-span will take place long after I, and perhaps our entire civilization have passed from memory. Thus I would request those of this time to view these objects as perhaps the people of the future will; sans explanations, and other support material.”
      VanHentenryck’s studio is located on N.Y. state route 42 Westkill, N.Y. in Greene county-8 miles north of Rt. 28, and 3 miles south of Rt. 23A. Call 518-989-6356 for more information, or more detailed directions.

Christina Varga   Varga's work incorporates a diverse use of materials referencing popculture trends, inter-dimensional patterns, repetitions of pixilatedsquares and vintage erotica. Founder of VARGA Gallery in Woodstock, NY, her work is in numerous private and celebrity collections, was featured at the American Visionary Art Museum, Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine and the Kunsttiendaagse Art Festival in Bergen, North Holland. Publications include Sufi Journal, Raw Vision Magazine, Resurgence Magazine, New York Times and other regional, national and international publications. A professional artist for over 18 years and Phoenicia resident.




Carol Waldron


Michael Wentland


Jonathan Wilner

When outside looking upon a beautiful scene of a brook with a distant mountain I am an alla prima painter having no more than a two and a half hour window to complete my work. And I enjoy the process of scoping the scene framed through my hands, placing points and lines upon the canvas showing where the scene should be arranged, and then laying out the initial colors. As I near completion, I forget to premix paints just daubing the brush in this pigment or that color already laid out upon my palette. The entire endeavor is an ecstatic dance across the canvas.

During the studio tour, visit my Small Works Show at The Art Upstairs in Phoenicia. They are but a small sample of my oil paintings. To see what else I create, make an appointment to visit my studio in Tannersville - 5981 Main Street across from the Wellness pharmacy. I am there Sun thru Friday in the afternoon.


Bennett Wine

Bennett Wine’s work always has a veneer of photographs on the outside of the
sculptures. The shapes may relate to the images in the photographs or they
may not. Most of the photographs are printed on a material which is
generically known as “Bus-Wrap”. It is a vinyl self-adhesive media most
commonly used in outdoor advertising.
The pieces are meant to suggest a narrative of something that has happened,
or is about to happen. The shapes are often chosen for their overloaded
metaphorical and ironic value. The fact that Wine makes certain shapes which
reflect the photographs that are laminated on them, allows him the ability
to skate between reality and reality’s depiction. In many of his pieces his
intent is to make the work ironic, attractive, and frightening at the same

Karin Wolf

Karin A. Wolf has been a photographer for over four decades. Her passion is nature photography – documenting both the larger patterns and intricate details of the beauties and wonders of the natural world. She has been living in and photographing the Catskills for almost a decade, and much of her work reflects the area’s magical environment.
Karin A. Wolf
107 Newton Avenue, Phoenicia, NY 12464


Susan Woods (S B Woods) Performance has always informed my work. The body is a theater, a hermetic language only to be entered by stillness and the careful pulling apart of it's narratives. The body forages, is hungry and absent of hunger. The body dreams. I live by the body's whim and cannot predict how it will inform.

It is this unpredictability that pushes me into the making of art.

There is always a context and environment that presides over the making of a piece. It comes to me as much as I go to it...we come together. The body then becomes a reflecting pool, a mise- en- scene and it establishes itself through a variety of materials. In some ways the materials are ancillary, whether they are sculpture, photographs or paintings they are simply the medium through which the body performs. Visit the website:


Mighty Xee
I make art to bring what's inside out, or shine a light on anything I feel needs attention,remembering, or to be brought out from behind closed doors.
If I upset, provoke, intrigue, or disturb, I've accomplished my mission.
The recipient of some Puffin Foundation Grants, they luckily sponsor artists whose work might have difficulty finding exposure otherwise precisely because it is not decorative, soothing or background material. These grants were used to build my website, and make fine prints of work, so I would be able to offer my work free or
'art at peoples prices'.
I believe the days of fine art being elite, exclusive, and cloistered is over.
Now almost everyone has colors, surfaces and leak proof houses to hold art.
I often hear from folks ''I'm angry at men'' or that my MEN, MEN, MEN Series
is rage filled.
Rage? Nope.....just reporting the facts, Ma'am
Frustration? Yep I find computer robots on phones, greed, climate change, war, fracking, men on money and mountains, Patriarchal systems, incest, battered women, all extremely frustrating.
Acting for change and growth is thrilling.
Owning one's responsibility is enlightening and exciting.
Please go to my brand new website
Listen to some music there, learn about my band ONE SKY,
Zoo Zoo's Benefit's for Haiti, my two humorous children's books about divorce
or see more art. We will be adding a lot more paintings asap.
I'd love to sing for you someday.
My heart sings when you listen.