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This page includes all present and past artists on the tour.

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Chip Gallagher does wood sculpture.

Jim Gardner Photographer, sculptor. landscaper with the greenest thumb around. Tells tales of the lower east side of NYC in the 70's and knows more about old movies than anyone has a right to.

Golly NYC  He sews pop icons on t-shirts and other wearables, and makes big tapestries like his homage to Guernica below. He also stuffs super heroes and jazzes them up with LED and flourescent lights.


Shalom Gorewitz I’ve been working as an electronic imagist with video and computers since the late 1960’s. During the 1970’s I was a frequent guest at Laneville’s Videofreex/Media Bus facility and during the 1980’s at Owego’s Experimental TV Center. For the past 20+ years I’ve had a personal studio in Chichester where I edit, process, and make soundtracks for digital films, as well as create digital prints and paintings. Audio and visuals often reflect environmental and political concerns. Last year a bear showed up. Dave- are bears allowed on the tour?



Kevin Green At the Phoenicia Elementary School Community Gardens.

Kevin is a Green artist. His love of vegetables extends into an obsession with shovels. The kind used on vegetables. Which is why he so often resorts to his signature shovelhead motif of sculpture, of which he is the only example. His welding technique is very advanced as is his sense of humor.

Wendy Grossman Owner and designer of Studio 78, Wendy has been a working artist since the age of 15. She has taught at the School of Visual Arts for ten years. She has worked in all media including fabric, wood and clay. Because of this diversity, she brings with her an understanding of how home furnishing can blend , meld. Needing to flow in creative and unique way. Wendy is very conscious of the planet and chooses to use only products that are made from non -threatened trees and recyclable products. To this end she can hold her head up high in the area of art and life, knowing she has done her best to contribute and not to detract.If the product is not affordable, its not sustainable. Wendy employs only local help and wants to promote a healthy environment in which to hire in her community and not be swayed by the lore of cheep labor overseas. Most of her furniture is designed and manufactured by local cabinet makers with accent pieces made in the United States.
Her works reflects her attitude of keeping a positive outlook on life and encouraging growth both spiritual and economic in harmony with her surroundings. Wendy would also like to send a special thank you to her mom for helping Studio 78 be what it is today. Peace and love.



Joan Hall  was a pioneer in the field of collage illustration and her credits include the cover of TIME and numerous other publications. She has shown her work in museums and galleries worldwide and was commissioned by the American Cultural Center/USIS to exhibit, lecture, and conduct collage workshops in France, India, and Brazil. In 2001 Ms. Hall received a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to go to Mexico to train teachers how to educate children about ecology by recycling scrap images and found objects into art. Joan has taught Collage at The School of Visual Arts, NY since 1978.

Joan Hall: "I work in both collage and mixed-media assemblage. I sometimes combine natural materials from nature with manmade objects. Usually I wor0k on a theme and create a series of pieces on that subject and style.





Howard Harrison

Mother Nature provides my challenge and inspiration for presenting flower photographs. Their color
intensity and strong compositions honor the natural bounty too often overlooked in everyday life.
Flowers are associated with celebration......of life's glorious milestones......or sorrowful passings.
In nature or in a vase, their wondrous shapes and exotic colors arrive and fade with time.
In my photographs their beauty transcends that life cycle. Seasons may arrive or pass but in
photos the flowers endure......the moment of capture lives on.
My photo garden is boundless. Wherever I travel my eye is alert for gems of floral intensity.
Unpredictability makes the discovery even more joyful. Perhaps there's endless opportunity
within a busy planting or perhaps an orphaned blossom graces a remote hiking trail.
Outdoors the light of the moment varies to either compliment or complex the aesthetic challenge.
My responsibility is to focus, compose and expose a unique effect. Personal vision snatches that
image, the camera is but a tool in the process.
It's liberating to create void of commercial considerations or restrictions. Moreover it's
gratifying to share those energies.

Please be advised that all rights to these images
are held by the author. Reproduction or use of any
sort must be granted by the author.




Diana Hartel -The intention of my work is direct seeing whether representational or abstract. It is my aim to paint what matters drawing from experiential, perceptual, and emotional themes that include and go beyond phenomena. I trace my painting lineage from Pacific Northwest and Canadian landscape painters to lyrical abstract expressionists.

Steve Heller - Fabulous Furniture

Custom cars, handmade wooden furniture and iconic scrapmetal sculpture on Rt. 28 just east of Boiceville!


Hot Stuff Blown Glass

Visit Hot Stuff Blown Glass and owners Mary Certoma and Alan Barbier. Together they own a gallery-like shop where you can see exquisite, unique, one-of-a-kind designs.. Collectively they have over 40 years of glass blowing experience. Mary specializes in perfume bottles, paperweights, and fluted edged vases. Alan specializes in substantially large pieces like platters, bowls and vases.. They team up to make fish sculptures and holiday ornaments. Alan and Mary always use lots of colors and different finishes such as etching and winter webbing in their designs.
A couple of new art glass techniques they are currently introducing is mosaic fusion and cabochon making. Mary is currently teaching at the Sugar Maple School in Maplecrest, New York. Hot Stuff Blown Glass Studio is located at 509 Rt. 214, Chichester, NY 12416.

For more information go to: 
Drop us a line at:  or call 845-688-7720.


Doug Houska

Doug's woodworking shop is in the right rear of the parking lot behind Phoenicia Market in Phoenicia. You can see his hand crafted wood art in Melange at 60 main St. Phoenicia.




Amy Jackson "EAT THIS ART!" Amy's Takeaway in Lanesville produces beautiful edible art from local and healthy ingredients. She caters art exhibitions and all kinds of special events.  5 short miles from Phoenicia on rte 214.  Menu Coming soon!


Mona Jacobs About "Red Mud Phoenicia" In August 2011, Hurricane Irene struck the Hudson Valley. When the 100 year floodwaters receded, we found our hamlet of Phoenicia buried in red mud. Neighbors rallied to help each other and dig out our streets and homes. Women and men of all ages put their hearts, souls and backs into this difficult work.

Red Mud Phoenicia



Tony Jannetti From my earliest years, I focused on creating works utilizing pattern and grid, both in individual works as well as multiples in two- and three-dimensions; Emergence Series, Mantiq Altair: The Conference of the Birds, Zia, Man, Pine Hill Monoprint.
By the 80s, I expanded this grid work to a series of flat prints (The Baker Makes Good His Escape, Robert LeVer Seeks Entrance to the Great Lady's Nation, The Governor's Hunt for His Wife's Presence), and to collages, oil paintings, and some sculpture.
I continue to work on a series of digital numerical works, begun in 2004, and based on numbers, currently ranging from 10 to 100. In these, I continue to explore pattern and grid. In the last few years, I have extended this study in a polar opposite direction, exploring the natural world, and using natural materials. Also included this year will be unique digital landscape prints that I've worked on over the last year.
All images copyright Tony Jannetti 1981-2012.
All rights reserved.






Peggy Kay Making photos give me the freedom to question and respond freely with intention. My formal studies have been in synesthetic education, early childhood education, dance, photography, social work and psychotherapy. I am pulled by human nature life/death, the confrontations and beauty around me. I will be showing photographic masks and macro studies of plants and flowers that have been made by a digital camera and processed with the mac computer.







Babette Kiesel 845-688-7687

Babette Kiesel is a nationally award-winning painter with solo, group and juried exhibitions throughout tri-state area with work in numerous private and museum collections, including National Dog Museum, St. Louis, MO. She does primarily commissioned contemporary portraits (people and/or pets) and landscapes from life or photographs.
Art Education: The Cooper Union Art School, NYC, Stephens College, MO. Also studied at Brooklyn Museum Art School, NYC; New York University,NYC (Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition Painting Scholarship); and with Chas. Cajori and Nick Carone.





John Kilb 845-688-2150

John Kilb was born and grew up in Greenwich Village. He was surrounded by the arts both in his neighborhood and at home: his mother was a dancer, singer and painter and his father was a set designer and painter; both worked with Orson Welles at the Mercury Theater. Inevitably,, John became an artist too. He has studied art at NYU, the New School, the Art Students League, and Atelier 17. John traveled and lived in Europe before settling in the Catskills in the early 1960's. He expresses himself in a variety of ways: paintings, drawings, wood bas-relief and sculptures, and constructions. His art reflects his bohemian upbringing and diverse experiences, from a detailed construction of a gritty NYC street scene to a wooden fish beautifully carved and gilded and hanging over a local bar.